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Portaal voor urnen voor heel Europa

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Goed om te weten:

  • Al naargelang de vorm van de begrafenis kiest u het soort urne
  • Voor de begrafenis op zee of op de natuurbegraafplaats moeten de urnen uit biologisch afbreekbare materialen bestaan
  • In sommige landen gelden regels voor begraafplaatsen, die voorschrijven dat de urne binnen een begraafplaats moet worden bijgezet. Uitzondering is de begrafenis op zee of de natuurlijke begrafenis
  • Meer en meer begrafenissen zijn crematies
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Transformation of the burial culture

The trend is moving towards taking the urn home, which has long been customary in many countries of Europe. This is also the goal of the artistically designing the urns, which are lovingly and individually made in workshops.

The transformation of the burial culture is unstoppable. The urn industry is now receiving an unaccustomed amount of attention. New techniques and unusual urn models are lastingly changing the burial scene. Due to the historical development of the urn, cremations are now more in demand than ever. Because of the high demand for cremations, many places have created burial forests in which the urns can be buried in nature.

Traditions and traditional bonds are changing, so the call for places of remembrance has become increasingly loud. The focus here is on individuality, personality and self-determination. In the meantime, there are more possibilities than ever before: From burial at sea to the sky burial to the natural burial – a person’s last earthly journey no longer must be the road to the cemetery.